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Previous Work

Student society.

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A fun, bold and functional design, complete with a Content Management System, has breathed new life into this student society's online efforts.

Peer support charity.

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The logo and website for this new charity in London are all about approachability, while the modern look and mobile optimisation root it firmly in the modern day.

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Missed connection website.

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A complex web application that demanded a simple and intuitive user interface and carefully written code to power it.


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Clean, modern and professional, the logo and website of this start-up reflect those very qualities in the business itself.

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Licensing arrangements prevent me from identifying the following clients. Please get in touch.

Sports equipment bidding website.

A bold and exciting user interface, which has simplified customer interactions and helped make this online business a success.

Kitchen outfitter.

Helping to entice customers, the website's image-filled minimalist interface echoes the clean lines of this business's products.

Driving instructor.

Packed with colour and bold design to complement this instructor's style, the website has ensured that they stay fully booked.

Retailer of luxury bathroom fittings.

A dark, classy design that looks stunning on any device and a bold, modern logo convey everything a customer would expect from a retailer of such high-end products.

Assessor of dyslexia.

Professionalism, accessibility and clarity were core values of this website design, leading to careful choices of wording, colour and layout.

Passionate about engaging the masses and seeing projects succeed, my work is meticulous and to-the-point.
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